Ecigarette Gains Momentum

Ecigarettes have not always been allowed in public places.  For a long time, the ecigarette was treated much the same as a tobacco cigarette.  Restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and airports were a definite bust.  But things have changed… for the better.

I was recently traveling internationally and of course, brought my ecigarette along with me.  I’ve always just snuck into a restroom for a quick few puffs on my e cigarette between flights rather than attempt to smoke my ecig in public.  Not this time.  I witnessed others smoking their e cigs right out in from of everyone, with out even a second look.  TSA didn’t even care that I had my ecig in my pocket.  I sat their waiting for my flight to board, puffing on my e cigarette as if it was standard practice.  Well, it looks like it is now standard practice!

Even the duty free shops are selling disposable e cigarettes.  You can get electronic cigarettes, tax free, at these shops.  Don’t be afraid to use your e-cigarette in public.  People now know how beneficial e-cigs are to them and you.

E Cigarette Sales Expected To Grow

Based on 2011 revenue numbers, e cigarette sales were supposed to be in the one billion dollar range.  With the growing popularity of e cigarettes that number is expected to grow even more.  Many expert believe that this industry will continue to expand and that sales should reach the three billion dollar mark in 2013.

This is a tremendous jump and should be not too surprising given the amount of money you see many companies are spending on the advertising of said product.

Overall, the tobacco industry spends about millions of dollars a day advertising.  This does not mean that one million dollars a day is being used to advertise e cigarettes but it shows the amount of money that these companies have at their disposal to advertise any of their products.

The big attraction with e cigs is that they are not banned from television and the radio.  This means that once forbidden avenues of advertising are now available.

They also offer a nice new alternative method for people to satisfy their nicotine needs.  There are also now studies that show that using a e cigarette might actually help you stop or reduce your nicotine dependency.  All of which is will drive sales.

E Cigarette Starter Kits

What do you get in an E cigarette starter kit?

Every electronic cigarette starter kit is different but they do generally have the same products.
For example, You may get a PCC otherwise known as a portable charging case.
You may also get some extra batteries,
several cartridges of several different flavors for you to try,
Multiple cords and ways to recharge your new electronic cigarette.
Some kits also come with car chargers.

The starter kits are a great way to get into the world of e cigarettes and vaping and a good price.